Why Do Most Students Give Up Learning Arabic Quickly?

Nur Arabic Program Written By Omar Nassra

Discover the best way to master learning Spoken Arabic!

Many students are frustrated about learning spoken Arabic, because they can’t find a good way to learn spoken Arabic! There aren’t enough books about learning how to speak.

Most Arabic teachers are afraid to teach it, because they don’t know how.  They tell their students to study Modern Standard Arabic and then go to the Arabic country to pick up Spoken Arabic from the street.

So, I decided to think of the best way to teach it.

I decided to choose an Arabic TV show, transcribe all the dialogues and translate them into English, and put them together as a program to learn Spoken Arabic.

The name of the TV Arabic series is NUR

Why have I chosen Nur?


  • It is best popular TV show in the Arabic World
  • The Spoken Arabic is very clear
  • The Arabic phrases and the vocabulary are very commonly used
  • It shows lots of cultural aspects
  • This TV show is suitable for all levels
  • It is fun and addictive to watch

By using this TV series to learn Spoken Arabic, you will:


  • Be able to learn how really people speak Arabic with each other
  • Improve your speaking and listening skills rapidly
  • Feel very confident when you try to speak or listen to Arabic with native speakers
  • Learn loads of vocabulary including phrases and idioms
  • Understand the differences between the Arabic sentence structure and the English sentence structure
  • Be able to learn a lot of vocabulary and use it right a way with confident
  • 40% of our speech is set phrases, so by using NUR, you will be able to learn the most common phrases that are used in speech!



  • Over 10000 vocabulary items commonly used in speaking
  • PDF English translation script


I truly believe that this is the best way to learn spoken Arabic

I have used NUR Program with many students and they loved it because it’s authentic, fun and modern way of learning a language.  Nur is a highly addictive series with great story-lines, so you won’t be able to stop learning!

Who is Omar Nassra?

Omar Nassra is the Director of London Arabic Tuition.  He specializes in teaching the Levantine dialect and political/media Arabic.  Omar has over 7 years experience teaching one-to-one in Syria and London.
He has published several textbooks, including ‘How to Speak Levantine Arabic’ and a dictionary of colloquial Arabic.
Omar is one of the few teachers in the world who have worked out a system for teaching colloquial Arabic. His methods are highly successful, and his students know him to be a natural teacher – flexible, patient and passionate about his subject.
He currently teaches diplomats working for the Foreign Office. Omar is committed to professional development and has an Arabic teaching degree from SOAS University.


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