Teach Yourself Spoken Arabic

Written By Omar Nassra and Khaled Nassra (E-Book)

“When am I going to learn how to speak real Arabic?”

I have been teaching Spoken Arabic for many years, and have heard students complain time and again about the difficulty of learning Spoken Arabic.   Many students feel frustrated that what they learn in the classroom has little resemblance to what they hear on the streets, in restaurants, or on TV.

“But no-one actually talks like that!”

Finding a good textbook to learn the grammar, vocabulary and expressions used by real Arabic speakers is almost impossible.  Many teachers feel intimidated by Spoken Arabic – after all, this is a language they learnt from birth, not in the classroom.  However, like all languages it has a grammatical structure, and is actually much simpler than Modern Standard Arabic.   I have created a complete system for learning the language as it is spoken by real people – in the home, the street and at work.

Soon you will be able to learn :

  • The difference between Modern Standard Arabic and Spoken Arabic
  • The similarities between MSA and Spoken Arabic
  • How to conjugate a verb correctly with clear and simple system.
  • The 10 verb forms for Spoken Arabic
  • How to understand the structure of the Arabic sentence.
  • How to handle everyday situations

Teach yourself Spoken Arabic presents:

  • The grammar of colloquial Arabic
  • The most commonly used verbs, fully conjugated
  • Expressions and idioms
  • Essential vocabulary
  • Example sentences of the commonly used verbs
  • Dialogues for everyday situations

Say what you want to say!

Uniquely, this book contains over 150 fully conjugated verbs.  This means you are not restricted to learning set phrases – with this book you can say whatever you like!

Speak Real Arabic!

Much of what real people actually say to each other consists of expressions and idioms, which present a real challenge to students.  However, this book clearly explains the most common expressions, with examples and dialogues to help you learn them.

Real-life language

To help you understand the grammar and vocabulary in context, this book includes over 20 useful dialogues for everyday situations.
Learn how to communicate like naturally in taxis, shops, hotels, at the doctor’s surgery and on the phone.

Still confused?

Have you been learning Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)?  Confused about the difference between MSA and dialect?  Don’t worry, this book presents the main differences between the two, making it easy for you to transfer your knowledge.

Who is Omar Nassra?

Omar Nassra is the Director of London Arabic Tuition.  He specializes in teaching the Levantine dialect and political/media Arabic.  Omar has over 7 years experience teaching one-to-one in Syria and London.
He has published several textbooks, including ‘How to Speak Levantine Arabic’ and a dictionary of colloquial Arabic.
Omar is one of the few teachers in the world who have worked out a system for teaching colloquial Arabic. His methods are highly successful, and his students know him to be a natural teacher – flexible, patient and passionate about his subject.
He currently teaches diplomats working for the Foreign Office. Omar is committed to professional development and has an Arabic teaching degree from SOAS University.


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Yours sincerely,

Omar Nassra

Teacher – Writer


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